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Nafis Fuad

I design & build digital products.


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KR Trading Web App (Frontend)

As the lead developer at KR Trading, (one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh), I developed the web application, with the best speed, perfomance and scalability.

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KR Trading (Backend)

It was an amazing experience to build a scalable backend infrastructure for the e-commerce platform, with the latest tech stack, modern code patterns and proper test suites.

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Anneysen (Website)

Successfully developed a robust website (as a freelance project) for Anneysen, a Turkey based company, with Vue, Next.js and Bootstrap-vue.

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Pathshala (Website)

Pathshala, a Bengali non-profit organization that encourages cultural enhancement (through reading and sharing books), approached me with a view to helping them grow as a community.

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Wevent (Mobile App)

The Wevent App is an event organizing application that's being developed by us at Ilao. Through this application, organizers can organize events and users can visit those events through the application.

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Pozbee (Backend)

The Pozbee mobile app allows anyone to request on-demand talented photographers in an affordable budget. Pozbee also provides some other cool services too, like scheduling events, connecting to local photographers, etc. As a developer in the Pozbee project, I'm developing the whole backend using REST API and the most widely used databases and framworks.


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I Wish I Could Write Like Them

Ironically, I sit here with a blank page, waiting for the words to come out

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These 5 Thoughts Lead To Guilt

According to a study, it's been found out that if one adds up all the moments of feeling even mildly or moderately guilty, it sums up to an astonishing amount of time.

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Deal With Procrastination Right Now

Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.— Napoleon hill

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KR Frontend

The problems we faced while developing the KR frontend and the solutions we reached.

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Anneysen Website

The tech stack used in the revamp, and why...

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I work as a Full Stack Developer and I'm always interested in challenging tasks and projects. If you have an idea, and want to work with me, then send a tweet out or DM me!

Nafis Fuad,
Mother Earth